The “Advocacy for the Protection of Women’s Labour Rights at Early Stages of Motherhood” project was implemented by the Point 33 organization in cooperation with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation.

Within the framework of this project, we carried out an information and advocacy campaign to protect women’s rights in the early stages of motherhood.

In particular, attractive and accessible innovative media products were created: illustrations, videos, and infographics about mothers’ rights.

Videos were filmed with women who have achieved success in their careers and managed to maintain a work-family balance despite all the difficulties. Illustration stories were also created during the project. Their goal was to inform women about their rights, but controversial issues were also raised in the process. All media products have been sent to mass media for free republishing. As a result, we had more than 50 publications regarding the project.

We carried out research about the legal guarantees of the protection of women’s labour rights at the early stages of motherhood. We studied the issues and made legislative recommendations, the discussion of which was started with the decision-making officials of the Government and the National Assembly.

Below are the live broadcasts of the project closing event: